Top Coffee Shops North of Boston, MA

As a real estate agent and latte enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of exploring the local coffee shops north of Boston. From cozy cafes to trendy roasters, these are my personal recommendations for coffee lovers looking for a delicious cup of coffee, latte and/or bite to eat north of Boston.

Cibo (Wakefield, MA) Located in south Wakefield, Cibo is a hidden gem that serves up delicious coffee and a warm atmosphere. Their expertly brewed coffee is made from locally-sourced beans, and their sandwiches are delicious. The cozy interior and friendly staff make it a perfect spot to relax with a book or catch up with friends. I especially love their outdoor seating and drive-thru option!

Jitters (Melrose, MA) Located in the charming town of Melrose (on the Malden line), Jitters is a cozy coffee shop known for its excellent coffee, food and friendly service. Their menu offers a variety of specialty coffee drinks, including the "Banana Split" and the “Texan” – a personal favorite. The relaxed ambiance and inviting decor make it a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up on work or meet with clients. One of the highlights of Jitters is that it's also very "baby-friendly". If you're a parent, you can enjoy your coffee while comfortably bringing your little ones along.

Ultimate Perk (Andover, MA) As an Andover resident, Ultimate Perk has become my go-to coffee shop in the area. From their perfectly brewed pour-over coffee to their indulgent iced mochas, they have something for every coffee lover. Don’t miss the fresh pastries and bagels. Heads up: this spot is cash only and has limited seating but the coffee is fantastic!

Bikeeny Caffe (Malden, MA) If you're looking for a unique coffee shop experience, Bikeeny Cafe in Malden is worth a visit. This cozy spot is known for its scratch made European style pastries, called “bikeenies”, Cage Free egg breakfast sandwiches and weekly roasted coffee beans. The feta and dill bikeenies and the frozen mocha are my favorites!

Good Day Cafe (North Andover, MA) Located in the historic East Mill, Good Day Cafe offers something for everyone. They are known for their high-quality organic coffee, and they roast all of their meats in-house. But what really sets them apart are their delicious maple bacon doughnuts, fresh popovers, and other homemade pastries. It's the perfect spot to indulge in some delectable treats while enjoying your coffee or fresh fruit smoothie.

Kushala Sip (Stoneham, MA) As a former Stoneham resident, I used to frequent Kushala Sip quite often, and it's a spot that should not be missed! Located right in the heart of downtown, this coffee shop offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options for you to relax and enjoy your coffee. One of the fan favorites at Kushala Sip is the "Kushala Mocha," which is sure to delight your taste buds with its perfect blend of white chocolate and caramel. And during the summer, their Frozen Green Tea Matcha is a must-try - it's absolutely to die for!

Caffe Nero (Reading, MA) Located in the picturesque town of Reading, Caffe Nero offers a European-style coffee experience. They roast their own coffee beans and offer a wide selection of espresso-based drinks, as well as pastries and sandwiches. My favorite is the white chocolate mocha. The cozy warm decor makes it a great spot to enjoy a cup and it is one of my favorite spots to work remote - especially by the fire!

These are my picks for a delicious cup of joe north of boston. If you're new to the area or need any other recommendations, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to share more of my personal favorites and help you discover the best of each town. Did I miss any great spots? Let me know!

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